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Tap Environmental Services doing grease trap maintenance at a local Houston area restaurant


When your grease trap is cleaned, it should be completely cleaned. You should be able to see all four corners, down to the bottom. Some of our competitors consider skimming the grease off the top of the trap to be sufficient maintenance. This is not what TAP considers maintenance. We take great pride in making sure your trap is completely cleaned from the top to the bottom. We encourage our customers to inspect their grease traps when we have completed the job.

Grease trap maintenance on a quarterly basis will ensure that your trap is always in working order and in compliance with the regulatory agencies that monitor grease trap maintenance. It also prevents costly bills due to grease trap overflow and helps maintain sanitary conditions in your kitchen.

As an added bonus, we jet our customer’s lines AT NO CHARGE!

TAP Environmental provides professional maintenance and service for grease traps. Our professional technicians are well trained and have over 40 years combined experience in the waste industry. They are diligent and committed to cleaning your grease trap thoroughly with minimal inconvenience to your business
during maintenance.

Our service area includes Conroe to Texas City and Katy to Baytown. We provide scheduled and on-call maintenance of grease traps for area restaurants and businesses providing food service. A clean and properly maintained grease trap is essential.

Call our office or sales representative for our competitive rates and let us schedule you for our superior service.

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